Bankruptcy Information. Types of Bankruptcies. How to File Bankruptcy.

Learn the difference between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy!

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

ELIMINATES most types of debt.

KEEP your possessions.

KEEP your house/car if you keep making payments on time.

STOP lawsuits, garnishments, frozen bank accounts.

Credit cards, medical bills, repossessions, old taxes, and MORE!

CONSOLIDATES your debt into 1 monthly payment you can afford.

Payments based on your ACTUAL income and budget.

STOP lawsuits, garnishments, frozen bank accounts.

SAVE your house from foreclosure, and your car from repossession.

Bankruptcy Can Help With:

Lawsuits • Garnishments • Wage Deductions • Foreclosures • Sheriff Sales • Mortgage Behind • Tax Debt • Credit Cards • Medical Debt • Car payment behind • Repossessions • Parking Tickets • Suspended License • Gas or Electric Shutoffs • Bill Collector Calls • Payday Loans • Cash advance problems • Car payment behind • Chicago Parking Tickets

Thinking about Debt Consolidation or Debt Settlement? Think again.
Debt settlement and consolidation usually fail, and leave you worse off than before you started.