Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Fresh Start or Debt Elimination

Eliminate Your Bad Debt
Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is the most common form of bankruptcy and was designed to provide people with a way out from the burden of debt they can longer pay. It is generally the quickest form of bankruptcy & allows indivduals to eliminate debt.


   Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Elminates Most:

       Credit Cards
        Personal Loans
       Judgments & Lawsuits
       Medical Bills
       Payday Loans
       Utility Bills
       Wage Garnishments

Keep All Your Possessions

Generally, people DON'T "LOSE" any of their assets in Chapter 7 bankruptcy because federal exemptions allow you to retain your property. You can obtain a "Discharge" of your debts in as little as 4 months while getting "instant" relief from creditor harassment, bill collectors and collection agencies.


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